17 Second Video of the Day

Props go to ThaiTanium44 for his remake of the opening to The Forge World ViDoc.


Noble Map Pack Out Today!

The day is finally upon us. The Noble Map Pack is to be released today. Breakpoint, Anchor 9 and Tempest will be available to download today along with 250 Gamerscore added onto Halo: Reach for 800 of your Microsoft Points. You can follow the link here to queue it up from your PC, or log into Xbox Live to download it straight from the Marketplace. For updates on when the map pack goes live, follow my Twitter stream over at twitter.com/rollo93
Until then, please enjoy the Trailer for the Noble Map Pack.

– rollo out.

Todays Daily Challenges

Well thank you Bungie.
I’ve just managed to get all 4 Daily Challenges for today in 16 minutes, totalling 7000cR.
Ahhh it’s a good day on Reach.
Exodus Rally Point Alpha, the easiest way to get the jet pack challenge, just swap the ODST your AR for the Rocket Launcher, jet pack over to the Covenant and blow them up whilst climbing. Pretty simple.
Killing 15 Moa on Winter Contingency. Run down the hill until you see the Moa running at you, and a checkpoint conveniently pops up just before I “popped a cap in their ass” so to speak.
As for Shooting and Looting and The Little Guys, I just loaded Nightfall and did the Nice Arm Commendation farming strategy.
All in all, easy credits. I made sure those Grunts, went boom now.