BRB Doing Campaign….again

If this doesn’t make you want to play Halo Reach, I don’t know what will

At least I’ll be having some short breaks in between the Grifball, Community Slayer and Firefight Arcade playlists that will be going live in around 75 minutes. Also on the cards for tonight is some guys at have organised an achievement boosting session for the DiRT 2 achievement: “Rush Hour”.

BRB, owning the Covenant 😉


YGBN: Site Stats

The site stats from for the month of January 2011 were amazing. 316 page views. Much more than I ever expected I would get. So thanks to all the people who has viewed my pages over the start of 2011. I greatly appreciate it.

So what would you guys like to see in the future of You Go Boom Now?

A possible Domain change?

More features on multiplayer titles such as Assassin’s Creed Botherhood? Battlefield Bad Company 2? Halo Reach?

Single player games? Bulletstorm? Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

More videos?

If you’re just perusing the site feel free to stop and drop a comment in this article, so I can know what tickles your fancy, so to speak.

I look forward to any feedback, and here’s to February, the last month ’till I’m 18.

Peace 🙂