My Thoughts: Gotham City Impostors Beta

So I logged on to Facebook the other day, and noticed I had a message, from none other than rollo 93. The message contained a link to the Eurogamer website, where codes for the Gotham City Imposters Beta were being given away. After recently playing Arkham Asylum and watching Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, I have become a huge fan of the Caped Crusader, it’s probably my third favourite franchise. So I hastily made an account, and recieved my code.

Well I’ll get straight onto the complaints. For a start, why does it take me about half an hour to find a match? This is the process I seem to go through when trying to find a game. I start the search. It searches for about ten minutes, and everytime it finds some people, it restarts the search. Eventually I’ll make it into the lobby. The load screen comes up, and I recieve a message saying that I lost connection.
Now, I don’t have the best connection in the world, far from it, but Halo manages to work. CoD 4 manages to work. Gears manages to work. And I know those are finished games, but the Gears 3 beta worked. The War for Cybertron beta worked. The Reach Beta worked. Well apart from the first day, when about half the population of the Earth signed on at once, but I can’t imagine Gotham Imposters would have the same problem. And I know it’s not just me, because my friends have been experiencing the same problems.
Something else that keeps happening, is that eventually I’ll get into a game, but then everyone ends up leaving. I’m assuming it’s because of connection problems. But this resulted in me having to face off against three people on my own. And this was my first game. And what do you know? I sucked.
Now I should probably talk about the game types. First of all there’s a Tutorial section. It’s your basic tutorial section. Teaches you everything you can do. Gameplay wise, it’s your basic first person shooter, with the same controls as a CoD game, but similar to Reach there are a variety of different pieces of equipment you can use. There’s things such as the Boomerangs, the replacement of Batarangs. You can also glide and grapple, and skate. The skates can be a bit difficult to control at first.
Now to talk about the gametypes. It’ll have to be Psych Warfare, because I haven’t had the oppurtunity to play Fumigation yet, because of forementioned connection issues. Psych Warfare is Gotham Imposters’ version of Search and Destroy. Pretty basic stuff. You have to pick up a battery, take it to the weird machine thing and attach it. If the other team don’t manage to detach it in time, they become “demoralised” and become defenseless.
Well I have sort of played Fumigation. But only for about a minute, after half an hour of searching. It’s your basic domination. Nothing special.

Something that is interesting, is that every now and then a prize box appears randomly on the map. These can include speed boosts and… I’ve only ever been able to pick up one, so I have no idea what any others are. Maybe a health boost? Infinite ammo? I don’t know. And to be honest I don’t really care.
Graphics wise it looks decent. Lot’s of bright colours, cartoonish, and appealing to the eye. I would comment about the music, but the only game I played, I had the sound off, being as though it is 12:30, so maybe rollo will put a comment in here. If he does, I’ll hand over to him.

The sounds of the game are fantastic, the guns sound really crisp and the soundtrack of the menus as a really comic book feel to it. In the Psych Warfare mode, playing as the Jokers, when you “detonate” the battery and demoralise the Bats, propaganda is blared out of the speakers. It adds a real difference playing with “you’re amazing!” and “the other team sucks!” as some of the lines are really uplifting, the others are just crude, which for me summed up what I thought of the beta and what I’ve played of it. The game is just pure fun. – rollo

I feel like the line “back to you in the studio” is relevant. Anyway thank you rollo. There are also things you can change, such as your “calling card” which is like your emblem, and your “secret identity” which is what your character looks like. But because you need to be a certain level, and I can’t get to that level, I can’t comment. I can’t imagine it’s to different from the customisation feature in Reach.
After my initial excitement, and hurried download, I’m greatly disappointed with what I then “played”, and I use the term played losely. However, I have to keep in mind that this is a beta, and hopefully the finished product will be a lot better. The game play itself is fine, and I really do think I could have fun with it. If I could play a match.
I’m not going to give a score, being as though this is only a beta, but if you haven’t managed to get a code, then don’t worry. You’re not missing much. Cuz I’ve got the game, and I’m still missing out.


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