Resident Evil Revelations Review

So last week I downloaded the Resident Evil Revelations demo for the 3DS, but I didn’t get round to playing it till this week. And after playing it all I can really say is “meh.”
I’ve never been a fan of the Resident Evil series, and the only previous experience I’ve had is with Resident Evil 5. However, I decided to download the demo to see if I could be persuaded to pick it up.

So being as though this is only the demo, there’s not much I can say about the story. All I know is that you play as Jill, someone who I think is important in the Resident Evil timeline, but like I said I have very little experience. Other than Jill, there’s this other character called Parker who you speak to over a comm unit, and this dude who shows up at the end. No idea who he is.
You begin the game by waking up in a room that you’d expect to find in a place owned by the National Trust, not a ship, which is where the game is based, judging by the last portion of the demo. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever played one of those point and click puzzle games on the internet, where you’re stuck in a room and you have to click every single item to see if you can use it to escape, but that’s what the beginning of the level feels like.
Now the major fault comes with the control. For the most part it’s fine. You use the analogue stick to walk around, the Y button to inspect things, X button to do melee attacks, basic stuff. There’s a puzzle at the beginning where you have to use the touch screen, it’s your bread and butter stuff. You can pick up most of it by just fiddling around with the buttons. Well that’s the only way you can, because the demo expects you to. “Want to know the controls?” says Revelations. “Get stuffed, I’m playing Left 4 Dead 2, a much better zombie game.” Ok fair enough, it does tell you, but only a few seconds after you’d like to know. And when a zombie is lurching towards you thinking “supper” that’s not a good thing.

Speaking of zombies, they’re the strangest looking zombies I’ve ever seen. Now I know I don’t have much experience, but the zombies looked like your average zombies in 5. This isn’t a complaint, just me going on about random stuff, like I always do.
Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. Now that major fault I mentioned. Well there’s two actually, in terms of control. First of all you can’t sprint. I’ve tried every button, but none of them sprint. So when you’ve run out of ammo, all you can do is turn around and casually walk away, while the zombie tries to maul off your backside. And you will run out of ammo, because the game is real stingy when it comes to ammo. You start off with 15 bullets, and it takes 8 to kill a single zombie. You find a few ammo pick ups throughout the level, but only just enough, and if you’re a crap shot like me, then you’re going to miss a few. Fortunately you have a knife, but when in a survival horror game was your first thought to run towards the zombie?
Damn, side tracked again! Anyway the other flaw. Actually now that I think about it- NO! No side tracking! So the other flaw. It’s to do with the aiming. Now while it can be a bit fiddly to try and line up a shot, you better be able to do it damn good, because when you’re aiming, you can’t move. Bearing in mind most of the time you’re in small tight cramped spaces, with a single zombie taking up approximately half this space, movement is vital, so by the time you’ve stopped and taken a few seconds to line up your shot, it’s useless, because your face has split into a million pieces, just like the Master Emerald (even here you cannot escape Sonic!). Yes, I have tried every button, but none of them allow me to move. I know that this was probably unavoidable, being as though the 3DS only has the one analogue stick, but it’s still a complaint that I have to make.
So in combat you have two choices. You can either try and aim and hope to hit the zombie before it devours you, or you can saunter away. Not that you enter combat much. Throughout the entire demo I think I came across about 6 zombies. Though, granted, they are a challenge with me being crap at aiming. And when I was faced with two in one of the smallest rooms imaginable, I did have to run out and try and think of a strategy for a second.

Now the game is a survival horror, and I can safely say it achieves both of them. Resident Evil 5 was classed as a survival horror, and the only scary part was when I opened a door, to see the most hideous thing ever. And that was my sister coming into the room while I was playing.
The game really does have a brilliant atmosphere. On a few occasions I found myself needing a change of underwear, only to find that all of them had somehow become soiled at the exact same moment. Ok, it’s not that scary, but I jumped a few times, something I have never done when playing a game. The only time I can remember coming close was Bioshock.
So I believe that’s all I have to say. Overall, I feel this game is deserving of a 7 out of 10. You know how I said I’d describe it by saying “meh.” I think I might have been a bit harsh. This game is pretty fun (even though I’ve been sounding pretty negative), but the fact that you can’t move while aiming is the thing that really brought the score down for me. Even so, I am thinking of picking up the full version, and I recommend that you at least check out the demo, if it’s your sort of thing. So enjoy playing Resident Evil Revelations, and remember one thing. One vitally important thing. For once, this wasn’t a Sonic review!


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